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Privacy Notice

1. Introduction

The European Commission Trainees Association (/”We”/”Us”/”Our”/”ECTA”) is the owner of
this website (the “Website”) and is committed to respecting and protecting Our Users’
(“You”/”Your”) privacy. We are considered to be the Data Controller of any Personal Data
which You provide to Us in terms of this privacy notice (the “Notice”/”Privacy Notice”). This
Notice governs the way in which We Process Personal Data, in relation to Our statutory
requirements, available here.

To reach our Data Protection Officer (“DPO”) please contact,

clearly indicating the nature of Your request. For further information about Our privacy practices, please feel free to contact Our DPO using the abovementioned methods.

We kindly ask Our users to read this Notice carefully, in order to understand Our privacy
practices with respect to Your Personal Data.

2. Definitions

Any reference to “Data Controller”, “Data Protection Officer”, “Personal Data”, “Process”,
Processed”, “Processing” have the meanings set out in, and shall be interpreted in
accordance with any and all applicable laws, including but not limited to the Regulation (EU)

“Alumni” means individuals who were formerly Blue Book Trainees and current form part of
the Alumni Network.

“Alumni Network” means a network of past Blue Book Trainees. The Association typically
forms a LinkedIn group, which may be entered on a voluntary basis.

“Association” means the European Commission Trainees Association.

“Auditors” means the elected members tasked with auditing the general activities of the

“Blue Book Number” means the official number assigned to each Trainee as part of their
traineeship with the European Commission.

“EEAS Trainees” means Trainees forming part of the European External Action Service.
“External Guest” means any visitor who does not work with the European Commission and
includes EEAS Trainees.

“Subcommittee” means the team of volunteers tasked with assisting their respective
coordinator, as per the Association’s statutes.

“T-Card” means the Trainees card, which is purchased in order to become a member of the

“Trainees” means Blue Book trainees who are officially working with the European
Commission, have been provided a placement offer and respective Blue Book Number
“Trainees’ Committee” means the governing body of the Association.

“User” means any person who engages with the Association and any activities related
thereto, and is required to provide their Personal Data in furtherance of such activities.

Further information on the Personal Data We collect may be found within Section 4 of this

3. What is Personal Data?

Personal Data is any information which can be used to identify You, directly or indirectly.
Typical types of Personal Data include Your name, surname, residence address,
identification number, etc.

4. Information Regarding Your Personal Data

We must Process Your Personal Data in order for You to fully benefit from the T-Card
membership, join certain events and form part of the Alumni Network. We Typically require
Your Personal Data for the following purposes:

  • T-Card Membership registration;

  • Subcommittee recruitment;

  • Surveys;

  • Event registration, including but not limited to:

    • EU Trainees job fair;​

    • Yearbook;

    • Euroball;

    • Alumni events (as applicable);

    • SKAT program

    • Job Events (online or in-person).

Below please find a table containing the most pertinent information regarding Your Personal
Data. This includes what Personal Data We Process, the Intended Purpose and Legal Basis
for this Processing, and the respective retention periods of such Personal Data.

The Processing of Trainees’ Personal Data is not a statutory requirement. It is necessary for
Us to enter into a contract with You, in order for Us to provide You with the T-card
membership, and participate in certain events which necessitate the processing of Your
Personal Data. The consequence for not providing Us with Your Personal Data is that We will
not be able to provide You with such membership, nor will You be able to participate in
certain events (limited to those events where Processing is required for attendance,
payment and verification purposes).

Note that We may contact Trainees and Alumni about any update to Our events,
newsletters and events on the basis of their consent. In this respect, You have the right to
opt-out of receiving such communications from Us, with no consequences by sending an
email to our DPO, indicating the nature of Your request.

5. Third Party Recipients

We may share Trainees Personal Data with selected third-party recipients, who are as

1. Selected individuals within the Trainees’ Committee, who are bound by
confidentiality and non-disclosure obligations;

2. The members of the following Trainees’ Committee, who are bound to honour the
data retention obligations within this Notice. This is required for the purposes of the
Alumni Network and communications being sent for participation in events related
strictly thereto;

3. Google Ireland Limited, as our storage providers;

4. Third-parties to whom disclosure may be required as a result of a legal obligation
imposed on Us.

5. Partners of the Trainees’ Committee with whom disclosure of certain information
(such as name, surname and Blue Book Number) is required in order for Trainees to
avail themselves of discounted prices and other offers. The Trainees’ Committee has
obtained the written agreement of such partners that Trainees’ Personal Data will be
irretrievably deleted on the date of termination of the respective Blue Book session.

6. Where necessary, with other Trainees. This is limited to events such as inter alia
running dinners, where a group of Trainees will meet up and need to share
information such as dietary restrictions.

6. Transfers to Third Countries

Unless specifically instructed by You, We will not transfer Your Personal Data outside of the
EU or EEA.

7. Your Rights

Please note that in terms of the applicable laws, Your rights in relation to Your Personal Data
are not absolute.

8. Security of Processing

We strive to keep Your Personal Data secure, and have implemented the appropriate
technical and organisational measures to protect Your Personal Data against unauthorised
or unlawful processing, including against accidental loss, destruction, storage or access.


Your Personal Data may be stored physically on paper files within a secure location, or

virtually through Our technological systems, which are provided to Us by Google Ireland
Limited. We have taken the appropriate measures to ensure that our storage providers have
also implemented the appropriate measures to safeguard Your Personal Data. The
respective privacy policy is accessible here. The list of Google affiliates to whom Your
Personal Data may also be shared in connection with utilising Google’s suite of products is
accessible here. The Trainees’ Committee is not tasked with keeping the list which Google
provides current and up-to-date. We will periodically check the list of affiliates to ascertain
that Personal Data is only sent within the EU/EEA.

9. Complaints

Should You have any concerns regarding Our privacy practices, You may contact Our DPO on
the following address:

Alternatively, You have a right to lodge a complaint with a European Supervisory Authority.
This is the European Data Protection Board, whose website is available here. Other national
supervisory authorities may be chosen from the list available here.

10. Automated Decision-Making and Profiling

Your Personal Data will not be used for any decisions taken solely on the basis of automated
decision-making, including profiling, without human intervention, which may produce legal

11. Changes to This Notice

We may update this Notice as req

uired from time to time, at Our sole discretion. We will
communicate any changes to this Notice to You using the corporate email address provided
to Us throughout the duration of Your traineeship.

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