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The European Commission Trainees Association is an independent association of Blue Book trainees in Brussels. It aims to create a community of trainees and alumni as well as serve as a platform for personal and professional growth. Each session, the Association recruits new members that become part of the General Assembly. In the first month, the Assembly elects the Trainees’ Committee and the Auditors, who will all serve until the end of the traineeship. Between the traineeship sessions, a Liaison Committee is selected by the Traineeships Office and tasked with welcoming the incoming trainees and ensuring a smooth transition between the sessions. 

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The Association has 4 main objectives:


To build a community of Blue Book trainees and represent them towards the other trainee bodies of the EU institutions and bodies.


To improve your post-traineeship job and career prospects, for instance, through organising skills training initiatives, career events, peer-to-peer career coaching, and the EU Trainees Job Fair.

To ensure you have fun! The Association organises all kinds of social events such as quiz nights, society evenings, cinema events, as well as the famous Euroball


To create a tight-knit community of former and current Blue Bookers, through networking events, alumni meet ups, and the Blue Book Yearbook.


There are 2 Auditors tasked with ensuring the Association's funds are spent appropriately on statutory activity. The Auditors are elected by the General Assembly alongside the Trainees' Committee.

They attend the meetings of the TC and prepare 3 audit reports during their term. 

Trainees' Committee

The Trainees' Committee is the governing body of the Association. It is elected by the General Assembly in the first month of each traineeship session for a term coinciding with the traineeship period. 

The Trainees Committee consists of a:

  • General Coordinator

  • Treasurer

  • Secretary

  • Careers Coordinator

  • Social Events Coordinator

  • Communications Coordinator

  • Alumni Coordinator

  • Diversity & Inclusion Coordinator

Each coordinator leads a subcommittee - a team of volunteers assisting them in fulfilling their role. 

Click below to learn more about the different positions and subcommittees!


Societies are informal groups formed in each session by members with common interests. 

Societies give you the freedom to organise your own activity or project within the framework of the Association! Societies receive help in their promotion, are included in the Yearbook and the Farewell Conference, and may benefit from TC funding! Creating or joining a society is a great opportunity to develop current or discover new interests and meet like-minded people. In order to create a society, you just need a T-Card holder willing to be in charge of the organisational matters - a Society Head - who registers the society with the Trainees Committee using this form.

Examples of Societies from previous sessions:

Book Club: aims to get BB Trainees reading amazing books and discussing them.

DG Art: a multidisciplinary art group encompassing music, cinema, and drawing/painting sectors.

DG Brew: aims to organize visits to Belgian breweries to learn how the stuff is made and drink it.​​

Football Society: aims to bring BB trainees together to watch or play football.​

Queer Stagiaires: a group for LGBTQI+ trainees.​

DG Explore: urban exploration.

DG Choir: group of musical trainees signing together every week.

DG Theatre: group of trainees meeting up to prepare a play/film for the other trainees.

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