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Trainees' Committee 

General Coordinator

The General Coordinator chairs the board meetings and coordinates the work of the board, by drafting the agenda and helping the internal communication. They are responsible for the external representation, partnerships, and the TC contribution to the Farewell conference.  


The Treasurer bears the financial responsibility of the Association. This includes forecasting the budgets for the subcommittees and societies, keeping an eye on running expenses, and handling all incoming and outgoing transactions. They also handle the T-Card system and support all Coordinators in their financial planning and, if necessary, help them acquire sponsors.


Social Events


The Careers Coordinator is in charge of the professional development of trainees. They assist the trainees by conducting the career survey, organising career events, coordinating peer-to-peer career coaching, and preparing the EU Trainees Job Fair.

The Social Events Coordinator ensures the social aspect of the trainees' community and brings a variety of activities in order for trainees to get to know each other. The Coordinator organises events such as gatherings, parties, trips for the Blue Book community, and also the Euroball, the Blue Book traditional gala.

The Communication Coordinator takes care of the communications of the Association. This includes the maintenance of the website, providing the designs for other Coordinators' projects and events, and the content of the newsletter. 


The Alumni Coordinator provides the connection between the generations of Blue Book trainees. This entails events tailored for Alumni as well as networking events for both former and current trainees. Furthermore, the Alumni Coordinator prepares the session's Yearbook, allowing the trainees to keep in touch after their traineeship.

Diversity & Inclusion

The Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator works to ensure that all trainees are well-represented during the Blue Book traineeship and organises events to raise awareness on different topics and aspects of being a minority. The topics that have traditionally been covered had been related to LGBTQAI+, disabilities, race and gender equality, social mobility and diversity.


The Secretary is responsible for supporting the general administrative tasks of the Association. They oversee the internal infrastructure while also assisting with administrative tasks in relation to events, the issuing of T-Cards, as well as the Yearbook. It is also the responsibility of the Secretary to take the lead with managing the Functional Mailbox of the association and responding to any general inquiries received.


Subcommittees are teams of active members who help their respective coordinator in fulfilling their tasks. Thus, there are 5 Subcommittees: Careers, Social Events, Communications, Alumni, and Diversity & Inclusion.

Each Subcommittee can be subdivided into teams and team leaders dependent on the vision of the Coordinator. For example, usually, the Careers and Social Events Subcommittees have specific teams for the Job Fair and Euroball.

They are a great way to get involved in the Association, develop your skills, and make friends along the way!


The Subcommittee recruitment takes place in the first month of the traineeship.

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