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Become a T–Card Holder!

Support the functioning of ECTA and become a member of the assosciation!

Why you should become a member:

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Access to amazing T-Card partner benefits

See the website of the ECTA here for a list of our T-Card partnerships. Benefit from cheaper access to culture, sport and much more by becoming a T-Card member. By purchasing two tickets for the Philharmonic Orchestra, for example, the discount may already get you your money back! (Please note: ECTA partnerships are, almost exclusively, of use to Blue Book trainees based in Brussels)

T-Card discounts at official ECTA events

The Trainees' Committee will organize a variety of socials and activities, many of which will have two prices: a T-Card price (with a discount) and a normal price. These costs go directly towards those associated with the event, whether it's venue rental, activity costs or workshops (Please note: "official ECTA events" refers to activities and events organized by the Blue Book Trainees' Committee in Brussels, and does not refer to events organized outside of Brussels).

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Support to the functioning of ECTA

The ECTA is non-profit and run by Bluebook trainees for Bluebook trainees, thus it relies on your support for its functioning! The ECTA receives no direct financial support from the European Commission to carry out its activities, thus your support is integral.

Eligibility for the Trainees' Committees' and Auditor's roles

The ECTA is autonomous from the European Commission, thus only members of the association are able to take on the roles of the Brussels Trainees' Committee and Auditors. If you are successful in running for election, T-Card membership is necessary to formalize your selection (Please note: ECTA membership is not needed to apply for candidacy in elections for the Luxembourg Trainees' Committee).

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The chance to create an official ECTA Society

The benefit of creating and applying for official Society status is that you will be supported by the ECTA in your activities. Your events/activities can be promoted in the official communications of the Trainees' Committee, you are eligible to apply for funding from the ECTA for events, and you will represent your Society in a dedicated group for Heads of Societies of the ECTA (Please note: ECTA Societies are almost exclusively based in Brussels).

Fill in the form and become part of ECTA!

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