Welcome to the Trainees' Committee website!

Our mission

The Trainees' Committee plays two main roles:

  • We represent trainees working at the European Commission to the Traineeships Office, the Directorate-Generals (DGs) and other partners

  • We support the Traineeships Office to inform trainees, to maximise the traineeship experience and to promote a spirit of collaboration​

The committee also liaises with the trainees' societies to assist with the organisation of a range of social activities.

We are in frequent contact with the porte-paroles of each Directorate-General to stay informed of any specific issues and to diffuse information. Finally, we reach out to external partners to prepare activities and negotiate discounts for trainees.

Who we are

Liaison Committee March 2020


Hi, I'm your President, Kristina Ophey.


Hi, I'm your Treasurer, Martyna Azlauskaite.


Hi, I'm your Communication Coordinator, Meg Kitanova. 




Subcommittees and Societies

Each session during the first month of the Traineeship the Liaison Committee coordinates elections of the new Trainees' Committee, which will represent the trainees during the rest of the traineeship period. During the first month subocommittees (Euroball, Yearbook, and Careers) societies will be formed. Subcommittees work directly under the Trainees' Committee to organize social, careers, and networking events. Societies are independent, but can apply funding from the Trainees' Committee. Each society has a coordinator who liaises with the Trainees' Committee

Recent Blue Book sessions have included among others the following societies. These societies can be continued (re-established). However, societies on any other topics can be formed. The starting point is to find a group of trainees interested on the topic and select a coordinator/coordinators for the group. New societies have a chance to present themselves at the societies evening held on the 16 March, 18:00.

Arts and Culture​                                                                                                    Human Rights
Board Games                                                                                                                      LGBT
Cantus                                                                                                                     Photography
Cocktails                                                                                                             Public Speaking
Disabilities and Inclusion                                                                                         Sustainability
Food                                                                                                  This Time I'm Voting (TTIV)          
Gender Equality                                                                                 Wine and Politics (WIPOL)
Think Young. Think Europe                                                                                          Language
Conversation tables                                                                                                       Solidarity
Journalism                                                                                                                      Karaoke
Hiking                                                                                                                                Vegan